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A Guide On What To Do After A Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

If you ever wondered what to do after a car accident that’s is not your fault, you may not be able to handle the situation well. Well, many road users are nor aware of what to do next, but some do, you simply have to do the very basic things. If you ever are in such situation, be sure to make good use of the following guides .

You are required to stop your car, do not leave the scene, that’s according to the law. You have to stop for many reasons, first to check if you are okay and if the other parties are fine too if they are severely injured you should contact medical professionals to come and pick the injured persons. There is a need for medical attention for the injured persons. If there is no one injured, then call the police if there is significant damage to the vehicles or any property.

Also be sure to make the scene safe to avoid another Accident from occurring by simply using the warning lights and the warning signs. Make sure that you collect any information at the scene before anything else. Get the names, addresses and the numbers of the parties including the driver of the other car, the insurance company, and the policy number. Good that you stay, never run away, that would invalidate your policy. Be sued to photograph the whole scene, including the pictures of your car and the other party. Also make sure that you record the cars identification number and its license plate. It’s required to do this especially where your car has been damaged; you will have to be compensated.

Also important that you record the date and time of the accident. You also have to take note of other things like the speed limits of the two cars, the weather conditions, visibility and anything you seem to remember. Be sure to tell your insurer of the accident, simply get them the collected data so that they can use it to start any claims.

In case you are injured, you are entitled to compensation. Consider taking to a car accident lawyer since you have the sufficient information. Always be prepared when you are ever involved in a car accident which is not your fault. You have always to know what step to take in the event of such situations. Take the right actions before anything else. Here are the steps that you should take if at all you are ever involved in an accident that’s not your fault.