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Does your home have a consistent piping problem? Many homes face piping problems. If you are experiencing the situation, you might be interested in knowing the types of repairs performed by plumbers without necessarily digging up a trench in your yard.

Trenchless plumbing is turning out to become a common solution. The method includes incision at two small access points within the pipes at both ends by the plumber making the repairs. Additionally, an epoxy pipe lining is used in strengthening the pipe, preventing root intrusion while repairing any damages.

We have highlighted below some common factors which should be considered to schedule an appointment with a trenchless repair plumber for cured in place repairs.

1. Reducing Expenses

It is much expensive when you have to have excavators dip up your yard. Apart from increasing the labor costs related, it also leads to the destruction of your yard for a simple repair. A number of licensed plumbers are capable of performing a perfect pipe bursting repair without having to dig up a trench leading to huge savings.

Lining the pipe with an epoxy sealer are one of the installations which are needed for the trenchless plumbing exercise. To prevent intrusion of rodents and roots, the epoxy sealer is made toxic. This in time ensures that your pipe is fully protected from any harm or damage.

2. Backyard Protection

The need of digging trenches into your yard is no longer needed by plumbers in case of the trenchless plumbing. Many commercial and local homeowners prefer their yard being intact during repairs especially if you have done some expensive landscaping. You can still be able to maintain your yard when fixing your pipe with all the needed repairs.
3. Assessment of Damages

Many pipe plumbers use current technological advancements in the industry to analyze and carry out video pipe inspection. This employs the use of a special camera which assesses the piping system. The camera is used to reveal areas of potential damage within the piping system. Once the problem has been identified, it becomes easier to perform the needed repairs. In case the pipe blockage has been found out, the plumber takes the necessary steps in removing the blocking item easily and efficiently.

4. Prevention of Root Intrusion

The roots of trees tend to grow towards underground water sources which are close to the pipes. In case of any intrusion, it will result in drain line cleaning which add to the costs. Tree roots are further prevented from getting close to the piping system due to the epoxy sealer from the cured in place piping.

Hence, you do not need to worry over blockages since the culvert lining maintains the pipes for a long term. Infiltration by roots are further prevented with the new line of advanced technology of culvert liners.

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