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October 15, 2018

Tips for Decorating with Artificial Flowers so It Doesn’t Look Tacky

Going with realistic colors when decorating artificial flowers will ensure your decoration will not look tacky. Since you will have to go shopping for your artificial flowers at one point, then you need to ensure the flowers you buy have realistic colors that will prevent them from being tacky. Desist from selecting unnatural colors like black roses and blue peonies since they will begin to look gaudy after a while. Consider checking at Cali bouquet or any local florist in your area to do your research to find the right artificial flowers before making a decision to buy just any artificial flowers.

The texture of the artificial flower you intend to buy is very crucial when selecting your flowers thus you need to pay too much attention to its texture. Artificial flowers also have texture thus if you want your fake flowers have a certain texture fell then you will need to touch and feel the petals, stem and leaves to determine the fake flowers texture. If you want your artificial flowers to mimic the real thing then ensure the fake flowers have thick glossy leaves.

However, if you need to convince other people that your artificial flowers are real when they first view the flowers you can do so by adding some greenery. Consider adding only a few greenery and not a bunch that will end up covering your original artificial flowers that you intended for decoration. Buying fake flowers with quality silk can still not produce the quality result you had hoped for and so you should consider adding greenery to the artificial flowers to boost the texture and colors of the flowers to be more real.

Buying artificial colors for your decoration will mean you will have to buy a vase to keep your flowers thus you should desist from buying see through vase. If you need to still convince your guests that your artificial flowers are real by using clear vases you need to find a person who can do the job correctly to create an illusion that will convince your guest when they look at the flowers that they are real. Usually, natural flowers have their own stem and so you should look for fake flowers that have their own stem to convince others they are natural flowers.

A house will look more colorful when decorated with a variety of colors thus when planning to decorate with artificial flowers then you need to consider buying fake flowers of different color. Artificial flowers are the best since they don’t require any maintenance as compared to the real flowers.