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October 15, 2018

Necessary Facts to Learn About Maine

Many years back, people and animals used to promenade from one continent to another and its where some hunter-gatherers opted and decided to settle in Maine. When the pyramids in Egypt were being constructed, these hunter-gatherers were long settled. Therefore, it can be estimated that these people settled in Maine like 10,500 years or more back. Basically, Maine has a naturally beautiful setting full of forests and coastlines. It is through this article that you will discover more info about Maine and its natural beauty.

First, Maine is a place where you will come across lots of lobsters. Basically, over 90% of the lobsters enjoyed in the US, are from Mine. Thus, it is appropriate to conclude that this state is full of lobsters and it many lobstermen; over 4000 to be specific that are licensed and that make it possible for Maine to record a total of 40 million pounds per year. Generally, these lobsters are the best all over the world. Mine’s lobsters are the sweetest as the state has a rocky marine temperature. The total tourist consumption of Maine lobsters is over 5 million pounds per year.

more fundamental facts to understand is that Maine has a lot of beaches than you could even imagine. Due to this fact, populaces in the US have nicknamed Maine as the vacationland. Did you also know that Maine is neighbored by Hampshire state only in the US? This simple fact helps you acknowledge that Maine is bordered by the ocean. Maine records a coastline that is larger than California’s as its 3,478 miles. The state also leads as it has 3000 offshore islands. These islands and oceanic offshores and coastlines make it possible for Maine to have the best beaches ever.

The other info or fact to note is that Maine is the home state of Acadia National Park. This is the second national park with a lot of visitors and tourists in the US. Acadia park sits on a total of 19,851 hectares. the park has a big chunk of land that was donated by private citizens of Maine. A good example is John Rockefeller donated 11,000 acres of their private land to the park.

Lastly, Maine is a place with weird or rather ridiculous laws. Did you know that it’s unlawful to have your Christmas decorations in place past January 14? Well, while in Maine, you should ensure to clear all the Christmas decorations.

The above are some fundamental facts to learn about. It is through the facts that you will perceive Maine to be a magnificently beautiful place. There are a lot of other unique things and facts in Maine but the above are the most fundamental.

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