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October 15, 2018

the Steps That One Should Take in Case of Sexual Harassment

Many women and men get sexual harassments daily. It is important to note that some individuals go through this ordeal at work or even in school and these are the places where people spend almost all their day. You will notice that because of this, most people stay like this all their lives without knowing the right steps to take. One expected to understand that sexual harassment can lead to assault in case care is not given. It is advisable that you know a few facts right to guide you at any time you notice something like this. One should always remember the signs of sexual harassment and act accordingly. View this article on the steps to take supposed you experience this.

The first thing that you are required to do is create distraction. It is important that you take care not to put anyone in danger while trying to do this. Suppose the person who is harassing sexually is someone sitting next to you, then it is recommended that you avoid sitting near them.

You can also share with a friend you trust just within the office or a classroom so that in case this person tries anything stupid there will be a third party to back you. You are encouraged to take care in case the perpetrator tries to show any signs of violence. It is always good to share with the victim about how they think to be in such situation. You will notice that some individuals could be hilarious to enjoy being a victim of sexual harassment. Others may be ignorant about what they are going through. By asking them, you get a chance to understand what is really going on. You will find out that some of the people being bothered are scared.

It is recommended that you involve the police at some point as well. You will realize that many individuals might not report these cases because they are so scared of being pointed out. It is advisable that you write a letter and drop it at any office of the authorities suppose you are afraid. You should know that this is the best way of dealing with this kind of cases since they are familiar. One is encouraged to know that when these people are involved, there are high chances of your case being handled correctly. It is always required that you allow these people to have some time alone to make them process everything they have been experiencing. You will realize that some of them are scared of facing reality especially when the authorities are involved. When you give them the time, they will manage to overcome their fear and face the reality as it is. It is also recommended that you share at home with your friends or family for some advice.

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