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The Beneficial Effects that Natural Predators have on the Ecosystem

The ecosystem depends significantly on natural predators. The term natural predators do not include human beings because of their profound and damaging effect on the environment. Some other natural predators such as big cats, wolves, bears, birds of prey among others play a very significant role in maintaining the balance of our natural environment. By checking out this site, you will be able to understand the reasons why the ecosystem is so reliant on natural predators and how we can bring back the balance after it is interfered with.

They are vital to population control. In every natural ecology, there exists a method of natural predators at different levels. They may be significant predators to insects and smaller reptiles, but scorpions are easy prey to more abundant species of reptiles. The predator will always turn to prey at some level until the top of the cycle is reached. This highlights why predators are so important when it comes to maintaining the ecological balance. The predators on the top of the chain are tasked with the purpose of controlling the population of the bigger prey animals. The initiative to bring wolves back to Colorado is a prime example of this. Apart from saving other species in the area, the move also saved streams. They reduced the overgrown population of elks and deer’s which were grazing on vegetation to depletion.

Natural predators go a long way in saving the existence of the prey animals they hunt. It may seem counter-intuitive, but there is a no better example to showcase how effective the design of nature is. It is easy for prey animals like the deer and the elk to overgraze when they grow into huge populations which may lead to exhaustion of the available food resources. Basically, the existence of predators prevents prey from running out of food and starving. Unlike predators, starvation has the potential to wipe out an entire herd in an area since it kills simultaneously. Through this amazing design of nature, balance is achieved through predatory animals.

It is predators that ensure the survival of carrion animals. It is the major predators that are responsible for providing food for scavenging animals such as jackals, foxes, beetles and vultures for their survival. Once a pack of predator finish their meal, there is another pack that moves in to feed on the remains. They too (the scavengers) play an essential role in the ecosystem which enables them to survive in the wild. This is also some form of balance.