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October 15, 2018

Nail Problems That Are Indicators Of General Body Problem

Nothing makes you feel more fantastic than looking down at a set of healthy, manicured nails.Having nails that look good is quite a good feeling. Having healthy nails have been known to show that you are healthy and that that you should not be very much worried about your health. However having nail problem is an indication of something wrong in your body. Nail problems are very easy to note at all times. However many individuals tend to assume these issues due to factors like aging and also the different type of shoe they wear. Attributing nail abnormalities to shoes nor is age is not true as one get to learn more about it on this website. These nail flaws say there may be some underlying conditions you need to pay attention to. If you’ve noticed odd changes in your nails, check out these top nail problems and protect your health.

Occurrence of yellow nails. Discoloration-the yellowing of your nails-denotes several things. Yellow nails could however be indicators of age or excess use of nail polish. Sometimes diagnosed medical conditions result in nail discoloring. One should always seek medical help when such occur. and if not, one is expected to pay close attention to their nails. Occurrence of dry, cracked and fragile nails. This clubbed issue occurs when one has curved toe or finger edges. This can also be explained as lack of adequate oxygen rich blood supply in the body. At times this nail problem is hereditary. But if you weren’t born with clubbed nails and they develop later in age, have them checked.

One should also be on the lookout for spoon nails. Normal fingers and nails have a pink nail plate. The issue of spooned nails occurs when one has nails that are curving at the ends.Spooned nails are indicators of lack of iron and liver issues.

The occurrence of white spotting in someone’s nails. This does not indicate lack of calcium. This is an indicator of trauma. This is mainly caused by nail damages. And to repair itself, the body dumped small deposits of calcium. One should also look out for Beau’s nails. But you need to know these lines come from psychological stressors like death or abuse. Nail pitting is also another bail problem you should look for. Pitting of the nails is the presence of small indentations in the nails-little dents. This at times is an indicator of psoriasis and thus one should seek medical attention immediately.

Occurrence of brown, yellow or purple nails. This is an indicator of some health problems. Brown, yellow and purple nails are indicators of some deficiencies. At times it is just a simple nail bruising. But one should seek professional consultation. One should also look for Nail fungus. It’s as serious as it sounds. Nail fungus are serious indicators of health problems and thus they should not be assumed.