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Some Useful Tips If You Are Starting a Home In Atlanta

Finding the right home could be overwhelming when you are moving to the city or just even looking for a house after staying in an apartment. One will have some dilemma on where to start or what would he or she selects as the style of the home to be purchased.

No need to worry because there are some easy pointers to the famous homes and styles in cities like Atlanta.

The first to mention that is one of the most popular styles in Atlanta is the colonial type. This type of home is abundant in the area, and the colonial style home has an alternative name called the Georgian, which is quite many in the city.

The design of these homes are very symmetrical, making the front of the home and the sides usually as flat, with stories of at least two or three. Painting of these houses is a typical light color with dark shutters as accent used on the windows.

The style of this home is that the bedrooms and more bathrooms are positioned upstairs, while the kitchen and living area are on the lower level of the house.

As far as the design of this home style is concern, the balmy summer months in the southeast was given a lot of consideration.

Homeowners of a southern style home have the luxury of spending time outside during the warmer months of the year because of the cool shade provided by the front and back porches which is typical of this type of home.

These porches are screened most of the time so that bugs and mosquitoes are prevented from coming in and bother the occupants of the house or their visitors.

You will note that southern style home is identifiable with its roofs and dormers, with different materials used as exterior of the house like wood and brick and also stone.

Another kind of home style is called the craftsman, and you would usually notice this style as you are nearing the city center. Designed to be a bit smaller home, this kind of home style usually has only one story. You will notice in this neighborhood that this kind of house looks historic and has a homey and cozy feel to it, with many bans and built-in wood work inside.

The style of the craftsman home has porches with square columns holding up the roof, and has lower roofs. The colors of this type of home is neutral, and its windows are accented with trim and detailing below the dormers.

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