The Beginner’s Guide to Sealcoating

Some Very Important Information about Sealcoating of Asphalt Paving that You Should Know

You cannot avoid things such as cracks and potholes whenever you are working with asphalt. If you do not take care of the seal on your facility, there can be accelerated cracking caused by asphalt pavement and that will reduce the service life of the pavements. Both dry and freezing weather can cause degrading effect on asphalt pavement. Some of the environmental issues that can crack and damage asphalt are vehicle traffic, tree roots, oil, gas, litter and sand. Those parking lots that are well maintained with regular sweeping service, filling of cracks, repairing of potholes and sealcoating are capable of lasting longer than those parking lots that are not well maintained.

It is important for you to know that with sealcoating you will not have to repair asphalt many times. Seacoating is essential for preventing or reducing oxidation of asphalt. You can use sealcoating to prevent or reducing the requirement to of asphalt oxidation. It also helps asphalt to resist damage from oil, gas and salt. Once sealcoating has been completed at the right time having been applied properly and at the right timing and also the cracks being filled and asphalt repaired, they can have an increased pavement life. When you use a good quality sealcoating product that has been installed in the right manner will be able to protect the asphalt o your parking space from weather, traffic wear and oil.

You can experience some cracks forming in the asphalt if it is not sealed properly and they can later become potholes. For many of the pavements, they need to be coated after every two or three years which depends on the kind of environment you are in. For you to get the best aout of the sealcoating, it is important for you to hire an expert. Sealcoating cost is determined by much more than just calculation that are based on square foot. Among the variables that determine the sealcoating to be used include potholes to be repaired, number of cracks to be filled, number of coats required and how much handwork that is required.

It is important for a paving contractor to come to your place and check the place that requires the sealcoating and later provide you with a quote for all the work that needs to be done. Although you can use asphalt to avoid your asphalt from being damaged, it also makes the parking lot beautiful. It is important to seal any existing crack before sealcoating to avoid the cracks to keep coming back. In case the cracks are not sealed properly, there is a possibility of water getting in which can later bring about damage on the asphalt pavement.

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