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Some Brilliant Colors to Use in Your Victorian House for a Great Transformation

When you are taking a trip to Bay Area, one thing that you should not fail to do is visiting the legendary Painted Ladies. In that stretch, you will see a great display of Edwardian and Victorian homes. It is possible for you to also have a similar home somewhere else. If you have a paint job that is chipping, then you should give it a face lift. When you use the Victorian house colors listed below, you can make your house look vibrant.

A blue-gray color is one excellent option that you should go for. You can get to draw eyes to the accent colors when you use this neutral shade. Use this color to paint the majority of the exterior of your home. After doing this, you can then use a wine red color to highlight the more intricate architectural details. The look can be completed by using white trim.

Using versatile tan is also another color you can use. Do not let the name put you off. The last thing that you should think of with the tan option is that it is boring. When you use different shades of tan, it will be possible to come up with a bold color that is captivating to the eye. Use a dark shade of tan on more than half of the bottom of your home and then use lighter shades on the top area. Paint the trim using the same shade of tan to bring the right amount of contrast. All your door needs a simple white color.

Another color choice you can go for is the dramatic green. It will be possible for you to come up with a woodsy tranquility even if your property is found in the middle of the town. As green is known for its properties of relieving stress, it will be a good place to begin. Similar to the tan, you can use different shades of green. You will manage to come up with a good contrast with this choice.

Plum is also another color that you can incorporate in your property. For this color, it will work best when you use it as an accent rather than using it as a full-house shade. The color will create an overpowering effect when you use it in large portions. You can use the color in your porch rails to make them stand out. It is best to pair plum with a neutral exterior base like gray.

When you are thinking of painting your area, it will be ideal for you to look for some inspiration. When you are visiting Bay Area, you can take a walk around the city to look at some of the impressive Victorian house colors. The ideal way to be sure that you are making the best choice is working with a specialist.