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October 15, 2018

Understanding Off-Page SEO

So, you have perfected the metas you used for SEO, you are posting brand new content week after week and your site has good link structure. What’s unfortunate is, after executing all these things, you are still not in the ranking you wish to be. Well for sure, you are completely puzzled how. There’s no doubt that this issue is making you scratch your head.

While most marketers spend great amount of their time and energy to build their site, what they don’t know is that, most of the effective SEO strategies are happening elsewhere. This one is achieved by doing off-page SEO. I recommend that you keep on reading if you don’t have any ideas about this matter.

All of the practices that are mentioned above such as writing keyword friendly metas, posting content that are informative and adding internal links, all of it are deemed to be on-page SEO tactics. In other words, they’re SEO practices that you need to do on your website. With regards to off-page SEO however, this includes SEO strategies that are taking place not on your landing page but on other places. As much effort as you are putting in your own page, some metrics that greatly affect your SEO most are the ones happening from afar.

There are a number of common strategies for performing off-page SEO actually. You will be able to discover more of it in the next lines.

Number 1. Backlinks – backlinks for your website is the link to your site that comes from somewhere else on the internet. So to give you an example, you may be running an online outdoor equipment store. A simple example for backlink is, assume a popular blogger or hiker has posted their favorite equipment or gears for the current season, they have used your link in their post, that automatically count as backlink.

Number 2. Social media – considering the amount of time your audience is spending on social media, you know already how such wonderful source it is. Whether you believe it or not, this this may be used to supplement your SEO strategies and efforts. If you have good social media presence, you can generate more traffic to your website. The more people who check your page, the better the chances that it’ll appear to search engines.

Number 3. Review sites – as a matter of fact, you can also do off-page SEO on online review sites. As a matter of fact, these review sites are offering exceptional backlink while driving traffic back to your page. However, this will only happen if you have good ratings to engage with users.

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