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A Guide on How You can Train Your Dog

Dogs have no problem when it comes to picking up social cues as they are very good learners. When you get a dog, you should start training them immediately. You will feel a special instinct start to grow between you and your dog as you train it and show much love and affection. In earlier days, it was recommended that puppies be trained only after they receive the required vaccinations but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, it is recommended that you start training your dog from as early as seven to eight weeks. The same research indicates that infectious issues are less harmful as compared to the behavioral ones. As such, it is clear that these early stages can affect the quality of life a dog has in the later years. If you are looking to start training your dog, you can learn all you need to know about the process and how you can get the best out of it here.

Use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is more superior to punishment in terms of training methods. Punishment can make your dog more anxious or aggressive even though it can stop certain behaviors. Positive reinforcement is basically rewarding your dig whenever it does something right. It ranks among the effective training tips you can ever find for you dog. Do not punish bad behavior but instead, redirect your pet. Being in the presence of your dog also requires you to show calmness and happiness. Whenever you show signs of stress near your dog, it is going to be reflected in their behavior. Treats and toys are some of the rewards you can get your dog. Getting them the right food at all times is also very important.

walk on a leash. For people who want to go out for walks with their dogs, it is important that you start by walking on a leash. How easy it is going to be depends on your dog. Once you have strapped a leash to their collars, you may step out with them but some may not be as easy as that. You can start by walking indoors or in a small enclosed area. This si a good way of introducing the dog to a leash so that they can get comfortable with them. Once you have attached a leash to the collar, let go of the dog so that it can move around as it drags the leash behind it to get a feel of it. Prevent the dog from chewing on the leash by having some toys around.