4 Traffic accident conditions where you need a lawyer

4 Traffic accident conditions where you need a lawyer

In this era of globalization, vehicles are the main life support, because vehicles are a tool that can facilitate all activities that are separated by distance and time, so almost every citizen in Indonesia and the world really needs or also has a vehicle, then problems related to transportation. appear, such as congestion, traffic violations, or accidents caused by the driver’s or driver’s negligence.

One of the root problems of this transportation problem is the number of vehicles or law enforcement in traffic, nowadays maybe almost every time we hear about traffic accidents that occur.

occurs inland transportation, especially vehicles with 2 (two) wheels, 4 (four) wheels, etc. This is due to the large number of vehicles that are not balanced with the width of the roads, apart from that the disorderly or unregulated motorists are one of the factors.

Traffic is important to increase the movement of people so that the state feels it is important to regulate it according to the times so that people’s rights to use the roads are maintained. If we talk about the state, every individual in the country automatically gives the state the authority to regulate rights or make rules for the individual itself, in return, the state gives our rights back to each individual. , that is an individual obligation as the holder of citizen status.

Vehicles continue to exist in every life in society as well as road transportation with all the needs and interests required by each individual, protecting every citizen on the streets is an obligation of a state as the highest organization. With the enactment of this law, it is hoped that every road user can comply with the regulations stipulated by the law to create security, safety, smooth traffic, along with the advancement of science and technology.

Traffic accidents are the things most motorists avoid. But sometimes it can’t be avoided, even when you didn’t do anything wrong.

Because it could be other people who make mistakes, and accidents happen. There are times when accidents turn into very serious situations. At that time, you need the help of a lawyer.

Here are 4 conditions in which you need a lawyer when you have a road accident:

1. The impactor does not want to take responsibility

The first condition where you need a lawyer is when the hitman doesn’t want the responsibility. This condition often occurs! So, if you are involved in an accident caused by someone else who doesn’t want to be responsible, immediately contact the Tulsa car accident attorney

Because that’s the only way you can sue for the loss caused by the impactor’s negligence.

2. Causes serious injuries

If you are involved in an accident and you and the passengers in your vehicle are seriously injured or even disabled, you need to take the matter to a more serious area by calling a lawyer.

File a lawsuit to get justice, don’t let it harm you because there is no clear accountability.

3. Serious damage, but confusing insurance claims

If your vehicle is seriously damaged and confused about how to file a vehicle insurance claim, it never hurts to call your trusted lawyer.

Explain all the details of the accident and damage that occurred, this way you will be helped to make the right claims related to vehicle insurance.

4. Some have lost their lives

It is undeniable that when a life is lost in an accident the situation will become complicated. Whether it’s on your side or even on the side of the impactor who made a mistake, you still need a lawyer to handle this.

From the things stated above, it can be concluded that the court process will create a new problem besides the process itself, so that the restoration of the rights of the victim is passive, depending on what is determined by the judge himself, restoring the rights of the victim itself is very important. necessary because it will determine the future of the victim’s family.

Victimological approach to victims

Victimology provides a clearer understanding of the victim as a result of the person’s actions causing physical, mental, and social suffering. The purpose of this victimology is to provide an explanation of the real role of victims and their relationship with victims and to provide confidence and awareness that everyone has the right to know the dangers they face related to their work, their environment, and others, and also to provide an explanation of the role of victims in an event.

This is something important to undertake activities in the context of preventing various problems, the welfare of victims who are either directly or indirectly involved in victimization.

A victim is a person who has suffered physical or mental suffering, loss of property, or resulted in death for an act or attempted violation committed by the perpetrator.

The benefits of victimology are as follows:

  • Victimology studies the essence of who is a victim and who causes a victim, what it means to victimization, and the process of victimization for those who are involved in the victimization process.
  • Victimology contributes to an explanation to be able to better understand the victims resulting from human actions that cause mental, physical, social suffering. The aim is not to flatter the victim, but only to provide some explanation regarding the position and role of the victim and his relationship with the perpetrator and other parties. This clarity is very important to seek preventive activities against various kinds of victimization, to uphold justice, and improve their welfare, which can be seen directly in the existence of victimization.
  • Victimology provides the belief that every individual has the right and obligation to know about the dangers they face in their work life. Especially in the field of counseling and guidance not to become structural or non-structural victims. The aim is to provide a better understanding and to be more viable.
  • Victimology also pays attention to the problem of indirect victimization, for example, the political effect on the world population due to bribery by an international corporation, the social effects on everyone, due to industrial pollution, the occurrence of economic, political, and social victimization whenever an official misuses a position in government.
  • Victimology provides the rationale for the problem of solving criminal victimization. Victimological opinions are used in criminal justice decisions and court reactions to criminals. Studying victims from and in the criminal justice process is also the study of human rights and obligations

The benefit of this victimology can understand the position of the victim as the basic cause of crime and seek the truth. In the search for truth and to understand problems, delinquency, and deviation as a proportion are dimensionally true. Victimology also plays a role in respecting the human rights of victims as human beings, members of society, and as citizens who have the same rights and human obligations and have a balanced position in law and government.