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Learn About the History of Marijuana in The US
In the Us, the history of marijuana is one that spans for a very long duration of time. If you wanted people to get afraid in the early days, one of the subjects that you could introduce was that of marijuana. Marijuana is responsible for making very many people go behind bars Marijuana also has some link with racism in the united states. This article seeks to teach people on the history of the marijuana crop in the united states.
One interesting thing to note is that the pioneer presidents in the united states grew marijuana. Among them were Thomas Jefferson and George Washington There are different versions of marijuana that one can grow. For instance, there is a version that is known as cannabis sativa L, and it is that version that was grown by the two presidents. Having low amounts of THC is one of the characteristics of this version is known as cannabis sativa L. It is important to appreciate that the presidents did not grow the marijuana to smoke it.
The history of smokable marijuana dates back thousands of years ago where it is said to have originated from Asia. The trend continued from Asia to Europe. When the marijuana began being used in the united states, the pioneering state to pass legislation against its use was Texas. Texas passed the marijuana legislation due to the conflict that was arising between different races in Texas concerning Marijuana. The weed documentary may help you to know more about legislation on marijuana.
Many people may wonder what lead to the criminalisation of marijuana in the united states. The advocacy that led to the criminalization of marijuana in the united states was led by a man called Harry a slinger. He used racial reasons to convince the authorities to criminalize marijuana. The murder of whites because of the use of marijuana by the Mexicans was one of the racist reasons. The accusations that were made by Harry were often a lie. In the year nineteen thirty-seven, the marijuana tax act was passed, and this law imposed high taxes on marijuana.
It is often a very overwhelming process to legalize marijuana in the united states. The first state to legalize marijuana in the united states was California. The push behind the legalization of marijuana was a medical push. Though it is no longer outlawed to use marijuana, there are still very many laws that govern the usage of marijuana. It is going to take not more than two years to get marijuana made legal. Most of the people who are vying are pushing the agenda of the legalization of marijuana. It is very fundamental for people to have these details on marijuana in us.