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Interesting Facts About Man’s Best Friend

Are you among the people who are absolutely in love with dogs? Well, let’s start this article off with the very first thing related to dogs that you might not know. Here it is: you are a cynophilist! Do not be shocked – it’s not an insult. It simply means that you are someone who loves dogs! We bet you did not know that prior to reading it from this site. So if you think that you already know all there is to know about your favorite furry friend, then think again! So if you believe that you are already very knowledgeable about all there is to know about your pooch, then you might want to rethink that! So continue reading and be taken aback by some amazing facts about your fur baby that you might not have known before.

Among all of the pets that you can bring into your house, dogs are leading when it comes to wit. Some of you reading that at this site are already rolling your eyes like, “Duh!” But the thing is, there is more to it than that – dogs can actually identify beyond 250 words as well as gestures! That’s about the same amount that a child of age two knows as well! This is why your dog does as you tell him or her to after you train them to do so. Dogs indeed have a great sense of communication.

In addition to that, pooches also have an innate clock that allows them to make sense of time. This is not just a made up fact! Studies have outcomes that state that dogs can differentiate between an hour and 5 hours. That means they know when you’ve been gone for too long! And there is even more related to their time awareness, and it is that your pooches take note of and remember regular events. This is why they tug on their leash when they feel like it is time for their daily walk or push their food bowl towards you when it is time for breakfast. It seems like dogs are actually more aware of time and more respecting of set schedules than our coworkers!

And as we said earlier in this site that dogs are great communicators, they are great listeners too! You see, dogs have 18 muscles in each of their ears that make their hearing abilities surpass ours of only three ear muscles.

And there is one more dog fact that we would want you to learn at this site. You will indeed agree that a dog can genuinely be the one to save your life as you read the next fact of this site. Because of the exceedingly strong senses that our fur babies have within them, some of them who are trained to do so can actually detect cancer as well as other diseases.

And these are not all there is to your dog, for more cool dog fact, visit this site!