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All That You Should Know about the Contingency and the Retained Recruitment.

The recruitment process is tough, but the alternative choice, which is leaving the position unfilled id even worse. We live in world today where the employers no longer have the luxury to make the hiring decisions as they wish. This has made the recruiters to make their processes faster and better, in order to avoid missing out on the few chances. There are two types of recruiter, the contingency and the retained recruiters and many people think only differs with the fee but this is not true. If you are thinking of working with the recruiters then here is all you need to know.

The contingency recruitment is the one that you only pay when you accept a candidate that the recruiter puts forward. With the contingency, you only pay when you hire the candidate that the recruiter puts forward. For the first one you pay when you hire the candidate that the contingency recruiters puts forwards. These ones usually are independent or part of an agency, and can either submit their applications or get hired by the HR team. The contingency recruiters usually are competing with other recruiters and the internal hiring team, and will bring forwards as any candidates as they can and fats so that they can increase their chances of getting the fee. The retained recruiters on the other hand is the ones that you pay upfront, so that they can then hunt a candidate for you. These ones work alongside the onboarding and the HR team, and also work alone until the task is complete. The retained recruiters may be a little more expensive, but usually take their time and with predetermined methodology that gives you some control here, and also take their time. These ones also specializes in some particular niche or senior position.

You get more of the candidates and the liberty to choose whether to interviews them or not and you don’t pay for that, or upfront which usually saves you a few dollars. They are the best choice for when you are looking to filling the specialized and the general positions. When you have some specific position to fill then the retained recruiters will be bets here. They probably have the candidate that you are looking for on their rolodex and this makes the process even easier.

As a job seeker, when approached by a retained recruiters, you will get information like the role’s full briefing, get a number of interviews and also know who will be doing that, and also info on details and benefits and the contingency, the info is usually limited but you still are likely to get the job because they have better marketing skills. The positions that you want to fill, the state of the job market where you are located and the industry will determine the best recruiters for you. When looking for the perfect candidate, the most important thing is to hire the right recruiter and that is why making this comparison is important.