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How to Select the Right Jewelry for any Occasion

There is a lot that goes into picking the right jewelry each time. You shall find so many areas where you can be guided on this. There are different kinds of jewelry for different kinds of occasions. This calls for you to find out which ones work for which occasions. Here is what you can do when it comes to different occasions.
When it is a casual everyday situation, the simpler the better. Since no one expects you to dress up, a simple necklace, small earrings, and a thin bracelet are perfect. A bangle shall add to the look beautifully. As for men, a necklace or a bracelet will heighten their sense of style.
For professional settings, white diamond is the best choice. Those complement most professional outfits well. You can wear some simple rings for that professional look, as will thin metal bracelets. Stud earrings are also ideal since they will not be an exaggeration. For men, cuff links with matching tie clips, and a good watch shall give them that professional image. You can add on some color if you work in a more relaxed office.
If you are going out at night, a choker with some dangly earrings will work best. Make sure you are comfortable with your selection since you need to dance and move. For date nights, go for simpler jewelry. A good choice would be hoop earrings for women and a necklace with a cool charm for men. If you feel like the jewelry might react with your skin, you can click for more here to learn about avoiding rashes when wearing jewelry.
In holiday party settings, you can go for bolder choices. Those include thicker, shinier, and more colorful pieces. These shall leave you as the center of attention in a crowd. There is a need to stick to the right colors in each case. As for the men, they are not at liberty to experiment that extensively when it comes to the thicker, bold, shiner and colorful picks. They need to keep it subtle, with a few personality picks.
It is important that for all your jewelry choices, you need to work with pieces that go well together. You can have a centerpiece among them, but the rest have to rhyme with it as well. There is also a need to make sure that those pieces go well with the clothes you will be earring for that occasion. You need to keep the colors minimal when the outfits chosen have more pops of color.
There are even more scenarios where you need to watch what jewelry you wear. You have the chance to find out more about them here. You can then read more on the right footwear for different outfits on this site.

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