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Beauty Views in Social Media and Real Life

In this era of social media and technology everything is possible. A lot of people interact on different social media platforms. Social media has given some people pressure to look good. There are a lot of people who feel pressured to look nice on the internet. With the help of technology a person can easily fake their looks. There are apps that can help out ta person with that. With the apps one can make their photos look prettier. Most people who fake their looks fall to the pressure of looking beautiful more than others. Different blogs share on how to look prettier even in public. It would be more interesting if the photos you post on social media are real. Below are some of the views of beauty in social media and public.

It would be vital if you stopped using the beauty enhancers. When posting a photo on social media platforms a person is tempted to use the filters to make the image look prettier. The filters bring out an exaggerated image of you. This will be lying to people and yourself. When you use real pictures of yourself you may not get the pressure of pleasing other people on the internet.

It would be beneficial if you learned some of the tricks the filters have and the beauty apps and replicate them in real life. It would be nice if you tried the makeup tricks yourself. There will be no difference with what you post and how you look. It is easy for a person to use the internet to learn how to apply the different makeup tricks.

I would be beneficial if a person looked at their whole image as a person. A person’s image is how they look on the outside and how they show confidence. It is essential therefore to concentrate on how you dress, the clothing and the shoes. Other factors to consider with your image is things like your posture, your walking style and even smile. Doing this you will look prettier in person than even in social media. It is, therefore, beneficial if you would consider these factors.

You are the only person who will benefit more if you did it for yourself. If a person focused on impressing people so much then they might end up getting frustrated. A person cannot impress all people because different people have different opinions. Therefore you should look for beauty in public to please yourself.