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10 Tips on How to Meditate at Work for Your Healthy Mind, Body and Soul
There are health benefits associated with meditation and that why millions of people have adopted it in their daily lives. Some of the discovered benefits of practicing meditation is low chances of blood pressure, reduce stress and increase your concentration. Here are the tips to help you understand how you can incorporate meditation practice in your place working place.

The first things is to find a quiet place. This means that you have to make sure that you free from any kind of noise which includes even your mind. For those that have a private office it might be easy to do that but for those that don’t have a personal office it might be hard somehow. There is no standard posture for meditation so long as you are in a quiet space.

Secondly you should use a meditation app. There are many options for the meditation apps and they are good for your meditation time timing. You will also benefit from the meditation tips provided by the app.

You should not plan for long time mediation. With the busy day it’s important that you start with 3 to 5 minutes and you will be surprised with the results.

Then you should be consistent. When you become consistent with your meditation time you can sure to get the best results. You keep your meditation as short as possible and if you have much time you can divide it into three times a day.

It’s good to be prepared before you start your prediction. Before you officially start your meditation you should start exercising it through breathing and relaxing and make sure you concentrate with it and it will help your mind to shift its attention to the breathing. This prepares your mind for the meditation so that you will not waste time when it’s time to meditate.

Moving out is also another advantage. The outside provides you with you a nice environment for your meditation like singing birds, fresh air, sunshine, and the natural creatures. However, some outdoor may not be good for you like if it’s full of traffic and buildings.

Then you should consider repeating a mantra. You should develop your mind focus by using the mantra after choosing either TM or Transcendental meditation. You are not restricted to which mantra or meditation practice you should use.
Let your meditation be part of your life. This means that anytime you realize your mind is overloaded you should practice the meditation practices.

Then you should be set for interruptions because it’s not easy to avoid them no matter where you are.

Share with other workers and they will benefit from it like you.

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