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Discover the Different Types of Methamphetamine Commonly Used Today

The use of methamphetamine, commonly referred to as Meth is spreading like wildfire in the US. Unfortunately, meth drug abuse is not treated with the magnitude and seriousness it deserves probably because all attention seems to be focused on opioid abuse. It might surprise you to know the number of people abusing meth is the highest as compared to that of any other illegal drug in the last couple of decades. The good news is once you realize you or a loved one is addicted to meth there are very reliable addiction treatment services that can be sought. Even so, meth overdose still contributes a lot in the many fatal overdose cases reported day in day out. Drug abuse is a serious problem that wreaks havoc on otherwise healthy body systems, rendering one weak and fully dependent on the drug. The following are some of the common types of methamphetamine that you will find in the market to help you help a loved one seek help when the signs of overdependence start to creep in.

To get you started, you have to understand that meth is one of those powerful drugs that change the normal brain function. Well, well, this can lead to the conclusion that nearly 80% of the withdrawal symptoms would be associated with their effect on the human brain. Another thing you need to know about meth is that it will accelerate your normal bodily functions thus leading to irritability, insomnia, hallucinations, aggressiveness, paranoia to mention but a few. Knowing more about meth will help you get the right treatment for your addiction and hopefully make the withdrawal signs less severe.

Crystal meth is the commonest type of meth in the market, available in a very high ad pure form of meth thus justifying its name crystal. Crystal meth is ingested through swallowing, injection, smoking in a pipe or snorting which ends up creating a euphoric rush. When you use crystal meth for an extended period, you risk having your nervous system affected thanks to the increase of dopamine in the brain. If nothing is done, your verbal and motor skills will become impaired. There is also the second common type of meth known as glass meth whose chemical composition is very different from crystal meth. Glass happens to be the purest form of meth in the market, no wonder it has a longer high effect, sometimes going up to 24 hours. Of course, the high purity levels means more harmful effects including psychosis, paranoia, teeth grinding, malnutrition and hallucinations among other harmful side effects you will find on when you read this blog. Last but not least we have speed meth which is not pure, it is poorly cut, and very affordable when compared to crystal and glass.