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Considerations before Buying Electric Radiators

Before going to the nearest store and buy electric radiator, it is best if you are going to know more about the various kinds of electric radiators as well as the difference between each type.

Number 1. Electric fan heater – these are the most portable and lightest kind of heater. They’re great if you want to heat the room fast because they can warm up. The first time of setting them up is easy and oftentimes, you need to take the fan heater out of the box, plug it and you’re good.

Number 2. Convector heater – these convector heaters are tall but still, you’ll be surprised how light and thin they are. And with this in mind, it won’t be a hassle to take them from one room to another and almost the same with fan heaters, it is able to heat the room fast and with lesser noise. Convector portable heaters can be mounted on the walls as well. With this in mind, it will not cause obstruction on your way. The brackets as well as the instructions for wall mounting are normally included as you decide to buy one but, expect that you have to drill holes to the wall.

Number 3. Oil filled heater – the advantage of oil filled heaters is that, they’re cheap to run but compared to electric fan heater and convector heater too, it could take time to build up and heat the room.

Now that you’re aware of the different electric heater, the next thing that people would like to know is, how much money they should spend to get quality electric heater? Well, the price of electric heaters are varying in price from 15 dollars which is a basic model, it can go all the way to 370 dollars which is equipped with advanced and powerful models.

No matter what kind of electric radiator you choose, see to it that it has the features in next lines.

Fan heater timer switch – the timer is so useful as it sets the heater on, before waking up or getting back home. This way, there’s no waiting time needed for it to warm up.

Cold air setting – some of the fan heaters can help in cooling you down as well. It’s still better to have a breeze of cold air than nothing at all even though it isn’t as close to having a dedicated AC unit.

Fan heater climate control – this is a nice feature to look for when buying electric radiator. Your portable heater can heat the room and when it reaches the temperature desired, the heater’s work will proceed to maintaining the room temperature.

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