Why Diesel Exhaust Fluid Is An Integral Component Of Fleet Management

Businesses of all sizes rely on trucks to help them remain operational, and while they are required, maintaining them is often a time consuming and expensive task that most managers dread. Despite the stress associated with fleet management, routine maintenance is crucial in preventing large-scale mechanical problems and breakdowns that require hiring a costly towing service. Diesel exhaust fluid is a critical element of keeping a fleet of company vehicles road ready, though it is one of the most overlooked aspects.

Emission Reduction

The primary purpose of using diesel exhaust fluid is to reduce the overall emissions that a truck creates while operating. As the exhaust from the engine reaches the exhaust manifold, the liquid mixes with the emissions which serve to break down dangerous contaminants and drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the vehicle. Failing to service this part of the exhaust system routinely may cause a company to inflict environmental damage and leave them open to a mountain of fines and fees from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Exhaust System Preservation

As the fumes from the engine make their way to the manifold and exhaust pipe, the various toxins in the fumes will begin to collect on the walls of the exhaust pipe. The use of diesel exhaust fluid helps to break these contaminants down, which allows them to be emitted from the vehicle safely and prevents them from attaching to the walls of the exterior pipes. Keeping the pipes clean will help reduce future problems and reduce the overall amount of money spent on repairs.

Winter Preparedness

One area of diesel exhaust fluid maintenance that most companies fail to address adequately is ensuring it is winter ready. The liquid will freeze at temperatures below 12 degrees Fahrenheit, but proper heating beforehand will help return it to its liquid state. Consider installing a fluid heating system or store vehicles indoors to ensure that the exhaust system of a truck operates safely and reliably.

Don’t let the process of maintaining a truck become harrowing, as proper maintenance is key to keeping a fleet running efficiently and reliably. One of the first lines of defense against exhaust system problems is the use of diesel exhaust fluid. It is not only easy to maintain, but it is an affordable maintenance process that will save time and money in the long run.